Silicon Beach

Get to Know Silicon Beach

Silicon Beach is the new home for tech titans and startups in Los Angeles, which answers the question as to why there is a migration of entrepreneurs in Southern California. With over 500 tech companies, Google, Facebook, Snap, Inc., Tinder, Buzzfeed, Yahoo!, Sony, and more expanding their brands—and adding jobs--, there’s no better place to kick start a new life.

Explore Silicon Beach

Silicon Beach

Stretching from Santa Monica to Playa Del Ray, Silicon Beach consists of cities located in the west Los Angeles area. A few tech companies have jumped from airports and warehouses to lifestyle development in cities such as El Segundo and Hermosa Beach. They’re combining high level technology with the entertainment world. Silicon Beach brings advances in adtech, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and it is increasing growth in a range of industries such as aerospace and fashion.

Take a look at The Campus in Playa Vista, which houses many startups and tech gurus. Dine at the Rose Venice or explore Abbott Kinney Boulevard. Visit the famous Santa Monica Pier, or see the quiet Venice Canals. Let our Silicon Beach experts know your area of interest so we can help you plant seeds in LA’s Tech Capital.