Beverly Hills

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90210; One of the most iconic zip codes in the world. Beverly Hills boasts of a sunny and warm climate year round, perfect for outdoor exploration and shopping in this dazzling city. With famous tourist destinations such as Rodeo Drive and The Beverly Wilshire Hotel, this beautiful city has all the glamour and jazz anyone could ask for.


In the post World War II years, Beverly Hills continued to develop as one of the most fashionable places in the world to live, eat, play and, especially, shop. The Golden Triangle, with Rodeo Drive and its shops at its center, was built and marketed to the rest of the world as the shopping destination of a lifetime. The City's iconic image was enhanced with the spread of television shows and movies set in Beverly Hills, among them being, The Jack Benny Show in the 1950s, The Beverly Hillbillies in the 1960s and, more recently, Beverly Hills Cop in the 1980s and Beverly Hills 90210 in the 1990s. Beverly Hills, known for its trendy looks and feel, really is a home run destination.

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